Mobile Education - Lessons from 35 Education Experts on Improving Learning with Mobile Technology

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In der folgenden Online-Präsentation stellen 35 amerikanische Lehrer Ideen und Möglichkeiten vor, wie sie die heutigen mobilen Technologien in ihrem Unterricht einsetzen. Hier kommt noch der orginale Einleitungstext:

"Education is at a tipping point. From the rising cost of a college education and the financial pressures upon local districts and state agencies to fund K-12 schools and programs, to the questions of how to employ mobile technologies and leverage social platforms to support the growing trend toward mobile, collaborative learning models, educators face an almost overwhelming set of challenges. While there are no easy answers to these and other issues, Citrix believes strongly that online learning
technologies can help enhance and extend the teaching and learning process and provide greater, more wide-spread access to education to students. We are committed to developing and delivering learning solutions that will meet the evolving needs of teachers and students in this changing landscape. We hope that our sponsorship of this ebook and other projects will help you, the reader, gain a better understanding of the opportunities that online learning technologies provide, increase your mastery of these
solutions, and enable you to put them to productive use. We look forward to working with you as we explore new and effective ways to help teachers teach and learners learn."


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